Tuesday, February 12, 2013


No gain....or loss this week. It's to be expected. I'm good at drinking my 1 liter of water in the morning and at least one more throughout my day but I'm not eating on schedule, had a few cokes throughout the week, and I'm sure the fried catfish on Friday night didn't help matters.

But I'm still determined and still updating this blog, though I need to do it more than just weekly.

This week brings more challenges...Winterfest in Gatlinburg. My main goals for this weekend is my water intake and my eating schedule. I can take peanut butter and bananas, hard boiled egg whites, and clementines for snacks in my cooler. I can even take a sandwich for dinner Friday night. If I'm good, I can have Mellow Mushroom on Sunday for lunch! (Which, honestly, I'll probably have Sunday no matter what.)

One day I'll be strong enough to stay on track more than I'm off!

Happy fueling!

~ Suzanne

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Better Than Nothing

I should be elated I'm down anything at all after this weekend's unclean food and drink marathon. But, I'm down 0.8 pounds for the week and back on track. I think Sunday was the first day this year I didn't drink at least 2 liters of water and I literally felt terrible. Water is a MUST!

I need to start my 5K training this week! I don't know why I am procrastinating. It's not that cold out and it's not raining. My goal today is to do it before I have to leave for class tonight. Remember, I'm on the 7 month program. Today is only a 10 minute brisk walk. I feel a little guilty that I'm not going to be taking Blue on my walks. She loves to walk but she's a Blue Heeler and therefore herds me when we walk, and heaven forbid I jog! She gets right in front of me and just stops! Maybe I'll take her for my warm up around the block. We'll see.

Now if I just had him calling me to remind me to eat my veggies!


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