Monday, May 4, 2015

Goals....long term or short?

You know, I look at all that I need to lose and it is just overwhelming....and discouraging. I am beginning to think I am going to rid myself of my long term goals and only have short term goals. I'm thinking 10 pound goals and that's it. Once I hit 10 pounds off, I shoot for another 10 pounds, completely ignoring the big number. What do you think about goals, be it weight loss, money savings, debt payoff? Do you have both long and short term goals?

News of the day.... I have hurt my knee. I know I overused it when I was playing volleyball on Friday, but I never let it rest. The whole weekend I was out on the beach walking on uneven snow and ice. Grrrr... We have an elliptical in the haunted basement I could use.... I hate going down there alone. T-25 is definitely out for the next few days.

Let me know what you think about goals.... Till next time!

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's been almost 2 years since I posted to this blog. SHAME ON ME!

Well, after hitting a high weight of 285 pounds at my physical before moving to Alaska, I am glad to say I have lost some. I had lost 25 pounds by Christmas, but put 12 of them back on during Christmas Break. I couldn't seem to lose them, so right after Spring Break me and the school's counselor, Kristen, began to do T-25. That first week was awful! I didn't think I would ever be able move again! We finished the 5 weeks of the Alpha round last week! I do the modified version right now, but at least I'm doing something! I have lost 6.8 pounds so far, but far more important is that I feel better and have more energy.

So why start blogging again? I need the accountability over the summer! I won't have Kristen banging on my door ready to work out! It's all on me! YIKES! Plus, the Lower 48 will bring all sorts of temptations that I don't have up here, like restaurants! And, I mean, I desperately want to eat out....I go without for so long! I am going to have to find a balance!

One of my main summer goals is to do my fall semester grocery shopping so that I will be stocked with "clean" foods. I need to cut back on the processed foods and really focus on my meals here.

If I stop posting again, start bugging me!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Back on the Wagon

Today was day two back in the gym! Yesterday I walked 1.9 miles and ran 0.1 miles. Today I did weight training. I love weight training. I'm good at it. My lungs don't feel like they are about to collapse and my heart doesn't feel like it's beating out of my chest when I lift weights. Occasionally my limbs feel like they may fall off, but the feeling is short lived.

I'm eating fairly well... I've been trying to steer clear of HFCS and CS. I am sure they sneak in ways I don't think of, but I know I am eating drastically less of them. July is feeling like a really long month because I have not had any Mexican food. August 1st I think I may have to go to Los Compadres! I definitely have been eating a new age breakfast. I have 1/2 sprouted grain English  muffin with 1 ounce of raw cheese toasted. If you have never tried sprouted grain bread I highly recommend it.

In fact these English muffins are going to be the first of my Friday Favorites.
You'll find it in the freezer section. I like the Food for Life brand personally. These pictures are from the Food for Life website. There is no flour in these! It's all sprouted grains. You can microwave them but I found them a little chewy when warmed up that way. They are much better toasted. You can try it like I do, with some raw cheese, try peanut butter, or top it with an egg! (I'll talk about raw cheese next week.)

Today's question: Have you eaten sprouted grain breads before? Yes? What did you think? Any tasty suggestions?


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Post!!

Seeing as I am doing pathetic right now, I feel like we all need some real inspiration.
I met Megan when she was a sophomore in high school. I was the new youth ministry intern and the youth minister took us to one of the high school's softball games. Both Megan and her sister were playing, Megan being the pitcher, and a really good pitcher too. That was just over 10 years ago! She has since grown into a beautiful woman (not that she wasn't always beautiful).Today she is my guest blogger!! So without further adieu...

My journey began in October of 2012. I have always struggled with my weight and always had excuses. While shopping with a friend at Bed Bath and Beyond we both ended up walking out with a scale. I weighed myself that afternoon and was shocked by the number... I immediately went and signed up for weight watchers on line. Then I did nothing else until December.  I don't know exactly what clicked but something did... I started tracking my food, weighing once a week, cutting out sodas, and what I have found to be the biggest part of my success, exercising! Fast forward to 6 months and 2 weeks into my weight loss journey and I am at -50 lbs. I have been blessed by friends and co workers that are willing to exercise and encourage me.  There are days where it is difficult but I have to remind myself that it took me 26 years to put the weight on and it will not disappear in a year.  I have mini goals and big goals. I also made a "Weight Loss Bucket List" of things I want to do throughout my journey or by the end of my journey.  Next goal is -75 lb total by end of September and -100 lb loss by end of December. I have found that rewarding myself is something that works for me. I have also had to make myself first and not let work and other distractions keep me from bettering myself.

End of October 2012

Beginning of June 2013 (Down 43 pounds)

July 2013 (50 pounds down!!)

What an inspiration!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Where's the Wagon?

I've fallen so far off the wagon I'm not sure I can find it! I can feel it too. I feel horrible. I miss my energy! I think I'll be starting back at square one. The key IS to start again though, right?

Grad school is on hold for now, just looking for a job. There are no papers to be written, no projects to do....just calls to made and emails sent, all of which can't take place till at least 8:00 am. No excuses!

I'm really excited about tomorrow's post! I have someone very special that has written her story. I can't wait to share it with y'all! She's such an inspiration!

Okay, tomorrow I will share that AND what I did at the gym...because I AM going to the gym tomorrow!

Thanks Beth for sharing this with me!

So here I go....yet again!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Just Blisters

I have been off track the last couple of days. I have 2 blisters, one on each heel. I know where one came from, last Sunday when I had on too low of socks. I have no idea where the other one came from. It's like I woke up with it. I finally went to the store today and got some special blister band aids. Hopefully, I will get back on track tomorrow. Other than not going to the gym, I have been eating out more too this week. This grad school class leaves little time for anything else and pretty much fries my brain. (Hence the lack of blogging.) The time I am not in class, driving to and from class, or reading and writing papers, I want to do NOTHING.....except sleep. I am procrastinating today. My professor gave us the day off so we would have time to write our really big paper that the rough draft is due Sunday night. So I spent the day doing everything but working on it.

At least I am still on track with my no Mexican food and no HFCS/CS. That's something, right?

Oh, I forgot to tell you I weighed Monday and had a 1.8 pound loss. I wanted at least 2 but I'll take what I can get. I am sure this Monday will not look pretty.

Today's question: What little ailments keep you sidelined?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday 5K

I was up at 5:00 this morning and walking by 6:00. I have decided that Sundays I'm going to take the route of Sherry's Run. It starts just a few blocks from my house. I didn't do too bad, all things considered. First, my socks. They were cushiony but too low cut. I ended up getting a blister where my shoe rubbed. Thankfully I thought to bring an extra pair of socks, which I did in case of rain. A little past half way I ended up changing socks. I also ended up walking in grass and climbing a guardrail which didn't help my time any either. I think I have all that worked out now though and I have a starting point. The hill was torture but I made it. It just gets steeper towards the top I think. I may have ran 10 seconds of it. That really wasn't my goal today though. All the same, I can't imaging ever running the whole thing without walking. It feels like I'll never get there! In the end I did 3.2 miles.

Yesterday I did weights. I did some calf work on the leg press. Hopefully by strengthening them they'll stop burning!

I really hope I can complete day one of my training this week but I know that doing something is better than doing nothing. Tomorrow is weigh day too. Surely I've lost something...right?

This week will be particularly stressful at school. I will try to blog everyday, but they may be short!

Today's question: How much water do you drink a day?

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