Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Post!!

Seeing as I am doing pathetic right now, I feel like we all need some real inspiration.
I met Megan when she was a sophomore in high school. I was the new youth ministry intern and the youth minister took us to one of the high school's softball games. Both Megan and her sister were playing, Megan being the pitcher, and a really good pitcher too. That was just over 10 years ago! She has since grown into a beautiful woman (not that she wasn't always beautiful).Today she is my guest blogger!! So without further adieu...

My journey began in October of 2012. I have always struggled with my weight and always had excuses. While shopping with a friend at Bed Bath and Beyond we both ended up walking out with a scale. I weighed myself that afternoon and was shocked by the number... I immediately went and signed up for weight watchers on line. Then I did nothing else until December.  I don't know exactly what clicked but something did... I started tracking my food, weighing once a week, cutting out sodas, and what I have found to be the biggest part of my success, exercising! Fast forward to 6 months and 2 weeks into my weight loss journey and I am at -50 lbs. I have been blessed by friends and co workers that are willing to exercise and encourage me.  There are days where it is difficult but I have to remind myself that it took me 26 years to put the weight on and it will not disappear in a year.  I have mini goals and big goals. I also made a "Weight Loss Bucket List" of things I want to do throughout my journey or by the end of my journey.  Next goal is -75 lb total by end of September and -100 lb loss by end of December. I have found that rewarding myself is something that works for me. I have also had to make myself first and not let work and other distractions keep me from bettering myself.

End of October 2012

Beginning of June 2013 (Down 43 pounds)

July 2013 (50 pounds down!!)

What an inspiration!

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