Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday 5K

I was up at 5:00 this morning and walking by 6:00. I have decided that Sundays I'm going to take the route of Sherry's Run. It starts just a few blocks from my house. I didn't do too bad, all things considered. First, my socks. They were cushiony but too low cut. I ended up getting a blister where my shoe rubbed. Thankfully I thought to bring an extra pair of socks, which I did in case of rain. A little past half way I ended up changing socks. I also ended up walking in grass and climbing a guardrail which didn't help my time any either. I think I have all that worked out now though and I have a starting point. The hill was torture but I made it. It just gets steeper towards the top I think. I may have ran 10 seconds of it. That really wasn't my goal today though. All the same, I can't imaging ever running the whole thing without walking. It feels like I'll never get there! In the end I did 3.2 miles.

Yesterday I did weights. I did some calf work on the leg press. Hopefully by strengthening them they'll stop burning!

I really hope I can complete day one of my training this week but I know that doing something is better than doing nothing. Tomorrow is weigh day too. Surely I've lost something...right?

This week will be particularly stressful at school. I will try to blog everyday, but they may be short!

Today's question: How much water do you drink a day?

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